Alejandra Solett

Alejandra Solett worked for many years in various channels of television. She started as an Executive Producer at Venevision in Caracas, Venezuela. She advanced and joined New Channels as a Development Director at Cisneros Television Group and then worked as a Senior VP and General Manager with WCH-TV out of Miami, Florida. After spending over 15 years working in both Venezuela and Florida she relocated to New York and worked for nine years with Executive TV as a Media Advisor. All of these positions contributed to her vast success and recognition as an industry leader yet, she was still searching for creative independence.

Alejandra always loved imagery and art. She began as a photographer at the age of fifteen, and has continued to grow as an artist. Alejandra has kept her devotion alive through her work in television, still image and passion for global traveling.

The simplicity of her photography, coupled with the use of light, shadows and color truly showcase her abundant talent. Some enticing examples of her photography work can be found at Every picture is as unique as the individual in the photograph. Alejandra has an eye for beauty and captures the essence of her subjects in each photograph.

Recreated Wood offers Alejandra a new platform for creating beauty. Each example is artfully designed into a new fully functioning piece of furniture. She combines textures, colors, various classic metal accents together with mix media to customize each piece for daily use either inside or outside your home or office. Each piece from Recreated Wood serves as a piece of functional art. Highlighting any room and transforming your décor into an area with living and functioning artwork.

Recreated Wood gives old items a new lease on life by re-imagining and repurposing them in a new way. Alejandra has global appeal and passion for traveling is clearly expressed in each furnishing. Whatever your needs are in your home or office setting – table, chairs, desk, accessories, etc., can be created to suit your living space.

Please view Recreated Wood’s shop for current items for sale. Feel free to contact us at to discuss any custom projects requests.


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Brooke Valenti – Sales and Marketing support for Recreated Wood. 


Galeana Fraiz – Collaborator with Recreated Wood and student at the San Francisco School of Art.